Atopic Dermatitis

Do you know your skin type? Now, as the summer so shortly before is available, it will be time to worry about the right sunscreen. Do you know your skin type? Ladival from your Internet pharmacy offers the right sunscreen for the most diverse needs. Only a few minutes too long in the Sun and have a sunburn can tarnish the most beautiful holiday mood. So that it does not even come to a sunburn, you should prevent already. With a few tips on the correct behaviour in the Sun and Ladival sunscreen from your mail-order pharmacy is easy to avoid the unpleasant skin burns. Skin types I be differences to IV sun protection for all skin types. Fair-skinned people, most often with red or blond hair, blue eyes and a very light skin with freckles are skin types I.

Through the sensitive skin own protection time is no more than ten minutes, but rather slightly less, without getting a sunburn. Also the skin type II is characterized by a delicate, bright skin and mostly blond hair and blue or green eyes. Unlike as with skin type I, which is hardly Brown, Haut, the skin of this type takes a little color in the Sun. However, even people of this skin type should not unprotected exceed a time of maximum 15 to 20 minutes in the Sun. Who has a little less sensitive skin in the Sun is normally Brown, blond or brown hair and brown or green eyes who belongs to the skin type III. Their skin’s own protection time is up to half an hour. Dark hair, Brown eyes and a naturally darker complexion, are the features of the skin type IV. These people will quickly turn brown and may put you at up to 45 minutes of ultraviolet radiation of the Sun, without right to be plagued by sunburn.

The skin, and the SPF – how is that? Can you estimate your skin’s own protection time right? That is, you know, how long you have to without using sunscreen, in the Sun, without getting sunburn? Along with the SPF you choose your Ladival sun protection means, you can calculate then the approximate time, in which you can stop after using the sunscreen product in the Sun. This is just the skin’s own protection time, such as 15 minutes for skin type II with the SPF, SPF, multiplied by. Skin type II should choose untanned a SPF of at least 30. That would mean: 15 minutes x SPF 30 = 450 minutes, hours or about 7. However, this is only a guideline, based on normal sensitive skin of an adult. Factors such as the individuality of the skin of everyone, sensitivity to the Sun, or even a Sun allergy, stay close to the equator, children’s skin or skin diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis, reduce this protection time. The extensive range of Ladival from your online pharmacy, offers for every skin type, children and adults as well as for the special demands of very dry or allergic skin the right Produkt.Weitere information the mail order pharmacy, see, and Ladival products

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