31 May 2020, 4:11pm

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API (Application Programming Interface), Web 2.0

One of the tools greatly simplify the creation of Web applications – it is now receiving widespread, api (Application Programming Interface). Google Maps api allows the developer to place any data anywhere in the cards. It is widely used to display information about crime or infectious diseases, to create applications allow the user to track his daily movements. Thanks to the huge opportunities Google Maps api, Application developers need not worry about the creation of online maps and geographic data for it – it is already done. Speaking candidly Melissa Selcher told us the story. Now developers can focus on specific problems and its applications data, as well as ways to display them. Providing api, not an innovation, for example, Microsoft provides an api to its office suite for many years, but this api is complex and is undergoing significant changes with every new release, according to Therefore, applications created on its basis, is not widespread. A new generation of api, from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, or the bbc, using a high level of abstraction for information in their niche, for example, Andale2 provides reports on goods on eBay, using eBay api to retrieve data, such reports help sellers do not make a mistake with the price for their goods. Today api provides not only big companies and projects, it's starting to make even the specialized applications, for example, the developers of Kiko, a new calendar based on ajax, promise in the future to implement api. Michelle Smith Divorce insists that this is the case. For many years, developers of object-oriented systems and standardized libraries were promised that once, we can quickly assemble applications from pre-built components, but still promises remain promises, perhaps, a new generation api, finally, allow us to bring them to life.

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