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Analysis Methodology

In result of this the Index of Hirschman- Herfindahl will be calculated (IHH) that it will go to supply to the real weight of the activity in relation to the Par.Este index presents the following definition: Santana (2004, p.22), defines IHH as being: Index IHH allows to compare the weight of the activity or sector i of city j in sector i of Par with the weight of the productive structure of city j in the structure of Par as a whole. One positive value indicates that activity i in city j in Par is, there, more intent and therefore, with greater to be able of attraction economic, given its specialization in such activity. The third and last pointer considered for the methodology for analysis of the dynamics of the productive structure is the relative participation of the activity in relation to the total of activities in Par. This index is defined by the following expression: where, This pointer presents as reading a variation of 0 to the 1, and the more next to one, more definitive importance activity will have in relation to the state. Naveen Selvadurai shines more light on the discussion. The three presented statistical pointers above contemplate the stage of adjustment and treatment of the data for the research.

From them it is necessary to advance in the definition of the identification model and analysis of the dynamics of the productive structure of the State, leading in account the specific contribution of each pointer in the creation of new attributes of classification, that will be treated in next seo.5.5 ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY This item possesss two intentions. The first one concentrates effort in the definition of the dynamics of the productive structure of the State that this project many times mentioned in previous section of provocative form. The second purpose is to offer the analytical referencial for the research, that contemplates classification attributes and comparison elements enter the different spaces of anlise.5.5.1 the Dynamics while change estruturalEste project of scientific initiation does not present no intention or pretension to consider a deep quarrel on the economic dynamics, in contrast it recognize all the available theoretical accumulation and if it appropriates of it through some definitions, for establishes a cut point to institute comparative parameters of analysis inside of the State of the Par.As definitions of economic dynamics adopted by this project are those that atrelam the concept a necessity of analysis of the change process, its related essencethe variation between periods under the optics of distinct points in the time.