8 Apr 2015, 12:49pm

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Relatively recently, the market offers promotional gifts appeared on advertising on auto flavors. Despite the fact that these gifts are not a high price for this offer market reacted very sluggishly and without any 'rapture'. The reason for this reaction is the poor quality of the proposed gift. What they are, advertising auto flavors? Ukraine and other CIS countries, as well as Turkey, China, Poland, offers three type of cardboard, advertising flavors: 1. this product from compressed cellulose wadding (regular, well-known 'Christmas trees'), applied with screen printing.

Less of such products is the possibility of applying only screen printing, and high porosity of the material, does not always cause the seal quality. 2. the next version – cardboard products 'White-Cardboard', which received a 'people' called 'BEER', because use for the muffin cups with beer. It allows you to apply a qualitative shelkotrafaret, but its main drawback is that it is recycled cardboard. This means that it includes material which, after impregnation react chemically with the aroma and smell to become, at least, not pleasant. 3. third option is the same as 'beer' cardboard with masking (attaching) it to offset the paper on which is deposited Offset or digital printing.

After that, on the surface of the seal (!!!) smear aromatic liquid, which leads to the 'sad' type products. The principal disadvantage of this board, we have already spoken. To all the above disadvantages and still not a long life of these flavors. But all is not hopeless … Ukrainian manufacturer of scented gift – 'Aromareklama' was invented, developed and being produced, the brand new product on the market of promotional gifts: A versatile promotional flavor! What is it different from conventional advertising flavors? 1. – High-quality offset printing, laminating, varnishing ability, embossing, 2. – Each (!) Advertising has a flavor like a removable elastic suspension (in the car, in the room, etc.), and the properties of magnets, performing a function of flavor (refrigerator, range hood, or the system unit, etc) – removed the suspension: – Flavoring, plus promotional magnet – put on suspension: – magnet advertising plus flavoring 3. – On any of the planes flavor no holes or eyelets, nothing but an advertising client information! 4. – Removable flexible filament has a secret site that is visible only to solid, accurate suspension 5. – New advertising fresheners are scented liner (2 mm thick.) From a special cellulose material. Gwyneth Paltrow may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A new, unique impregnation technology and design of the souvenir, can double the life of each aroma liner. The question arises – and which he, the life of a new flavor? Attention … Of two or three weeks and … so long as the client wishes, two months, three, five, and more! At what each following month (or even every day) may be another flavor! This is a 'miracle' is called: – removable flavored 'cartridge' (insert). On request it can be replaced another, at any time within five seconds – and again a new flavor! Thus, buying (receiving) a flavoring agent, a potential customer will come back to you for the new 'cartridges' price is unbeatable, even with the most cheap cardboard fresheners. If necessary, you can order any number of spare removable 'cartridge', with different flavors! Individual form will refill to use it only with the advertising customer flavor, without which the liner or the suspension, nor primagnitish. And all this at a better price than usual, Polish, Turkish, Chinese and even flavors of 'beer' board!