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Accented Lighting

Inefficient lighting contributes greatly to the overall increase in carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming. When using an LED light source is substantially reduces the amount of CO2 produced in the home or business, thus helping to reduce climate change in real and measurable way. One of the most effective in terms of cost and efficiency to buy LED lights is currently Led-pro-China.com, who boasts a wide range of solutions for LED lighting coming from the largest distributors of LED in China. When purchasing a light bulb, the best measure to determine its adaptability is lumen per watt power. Equal lumen with lower watt means lower energy bills. Here is where the LEDs really Excel.

The LEDs have a lumen rating that exceeds by far the incandescent bulbs and is even better than the compact bulbs fluorescent (CFLs). This means that an LED light will cost you less in electricity but still glowing. This article has 50 mm of diameter and 50 mm in length. His unwavering helmet consists of an aluminum alloy. The visual angle is 25 degrees. The bulb is not adjustable. This bulb is specified for the operation of AC or DC 12V and therefore can be used as a replacement for low-voltage halogen lighting systems.

Its base is of type GU5.3, which provides a quality top lighting than the GU10 (only the GU10 is a little very yellowish). For the same amount of energy consumption, the GU5.3 also provides 40% more light. Many consumers discovered that the GU10 needed to be replaced much more frequently than the GU5.3. However, the disadvantage of the GU5.3 is the added expense of transformers. It uses three LEDs of high power 4W for projecting a half-width light extremely bright beam. Thanks to cutting-edge technology implemented for its manufacturing, this bulb can resist shocks, vibrations, frequent use of extreme heat that quickly incapacitate the fragile incandescent bulbs, and the switch greatly reducing maintenance costs. This bulb offers huge advantages of power consumption, reducing energy use by 80% more than incandescent bulbs or halogen. This article is also an excellent heat sink, decreasing much cooler than halogen bulbs, and therefore greatly reducing the possibility of heat caused by the lighting. LED bulbs are much more durable than the halogen. This bulb lasts 50,000 hours, and you can easily reach up to 100,000 hours. They are available in warm white and cool white. Warm white color is similar to light a bulb incandescent, ranging from 1000K to 4000K. Cool white color is pure white with little tint blue or yellow, ranging from 4000K to 8000K. This product nor tolerates oscillation, which is good for the human eye. It is perfect for accent lighting and artistic lighting, collections or other exhibitions. It is widely used in domestic applications, interior decoration, hotels, bars, shops, departments, art galleries, exhibition halls, halls for meetings, counters, cabinets, ceiling, lighting in hallways and corridors, light showcases among others. It is popular in places where no UV or IR radiation is desired. For a world increasingly conscious of the environment, the whole of this lamp is 100% recyclable. Being bright, long life, with low intensity of heat and low energy use, LED reflectors are more economical to buy. Run home and replace your halogen bulbs energy-hungry for much more efficient LED bulbs! Click. This is an example of a high production of lumen LED bulb and low energy consumption.

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