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Prefabricated Buildings Made Of Light Metal (LMC )

The most progressive way, building construction, borrowed from North American and European countries, is the erection of prefabricated buildings made of light metal (LMC). To date, the Most developed countries in the world of light metal structures built more than 70% of the buildings. This technology is gaining popularity all in Russia. Features pre-fabricated buildings made of light metal Buildings made of light metal structures are easy to build, speed installation, open plan spaces, high durability and the cost of the finished building. Speed of construction prefabricated buildings of metal is 10-12 times higher compared with the brick or block buildings, and 4-5 times as compared with buildings of timber.

Buildings can be constructed from the lmc in any climatic conditions outside Depending on the season. Savings in construction of buildings from lmc ranges from 30 to 40% compared with traditional building materials (concrete, bricks, etc.). Modern technologies allow to manufacture items prefabricated buildings with high accuracy, significantly reducing the period of employment, ensure high reliability of the building. The use of modern corrosion resistant coatings can effectively protect the metal from corrosion and significantly increase the lifetime of the building. To provide the required fire resistance of buildings from light metal structures are widely used flame retardants in which provides the required Fire carcass construction of prefabricated buildings on the basis of light metal structures consist of flat bearing frames, connected by a system of links and runs. Rama, in turn, are composed of columns and girders.

The most common are the pillars of solid section – hot-rolled H sections, welded dvutav both constant and variable cross-Beams with corrugated wall, welded gnutozamknutye metalloprofili. Application of cross-column design reduces weight, but increases its value. The choice of cut-type crossbar in the first place depends on the passage of the building. In buildings that span up to 18m widely used hot-rolled and welded I-beams. With increasing spans becomes profitable use of trusses, lattice beam structures. Special mention should be used as supporting structures of I-beams with a corrugated wall, so-called gofrobalok. has an optimal ratio of strength and their own weight. In such beams at the height of the cross section up to 1,5 m wall thickness of only 3.5 mm, which significantly reduces the weight bearing design. As the frame structures used method of sheet assembly (eg trapezoidal sheet – insulation – trapezoidal sheet) or ready-light steel thin-walling – three-layer sandwich panels with mineral wool, polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Through the use of light and thin-walling roofing reduces the load on the metal frame and foundation of a building that allows use shallow foundations burial; significantly reduces the cost of construction and allows you to work in a short time with minimal use of lifting devices. Elements of pre-fabricated buildings are attached interconnected by bolting or welding, which avoids the so-called "wet process" in the construction of buildings and carry out construction at any time of year. Building on bolted joints are mobile, they can dismantled and transported to another place. continuation "

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The Training Process

The training process is a tool used for the improvement and entrepreneurial training to implement the company must make the first detection needs to know to whom it will apply the training if the company or a department in specific. These needs will be detected by means of questionnaire, interviews, etc. That will make other personnel associated with the lack or deficiency of the organization. The implementing training programs have significant benefits q are of great importance for the company and staff who work in it, the training is very important to have better productivity, to achieve this the staff must perform their activities satisfaction that this will bring benefits to the company and the employee .* The company will have an economic growth * The worker: can develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes, to develop their skills will be most effective for developing efficiency and effectiveness, and when effective in their work is going to do with quality and at the same time will be productive when developing their employee attitudes will be updated, is exceeded, to form and be trained on a voluntary basis, one of the objectives of the training is overcoming staff, giving them the opportunity to develop through a specialty, master's or doctoral degree as the case for personal gain for the worker is being trained will have the opportunity to take a higher level within the organization. To carry out the training there are different ways to implement such as the following: Films Lectures Exhibitions Symposia Slide By: Oscar Sanchez Banos specialty in Student Admin. HR in the UCLAH..

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New Policy Proposal – Chance For Opel

Rental of produced cars jobs can be backed by Berlin, March 03, 2009 made by Internet: A chance for the tumbling corporate giants Opel, the loss-making over-production still profit to convert. The strategy could be to make the stationary car rental business in the Internet mobile. Leads to the figures for the last years before eyes, appears this sales method”as a quite attractive Variant. After all, the rental market in Germany last year was more than EUR 40 billion in hard. 40% were generated by the flourishing car business alone and the growth curve of this market controls even in crisis times steeply upwards.

More and more customers ask themselves, why buy expensive, if I may like to rent? Opel could draw substantial benefits through rapid response by this consumer trend. As a partner of, one of the largest rental marketplace on the Internet, Opel rent already offers numerous vehicles for rent. Opel’s sales difficulties are settled by the Rent rather than sell variant”Although not completely eliminate, however this would indeed be a good way to secure jobs. “To do this, Robert R. Bukvic, Managing Director of Miet24 GmbH: we are of the opinion that the rental of the over produced vehicles could cover the expenses and thus the dormant” Opel cars were still profitable. The rental market will bring quick money in the Fund. The vehicles could be sold then easily as car of the year.” Nearly 50,000 vehicles are offered on Miet24.de for rent. This category is the strongest which is why one is also always on the lookout for new partners.

We would be pleased to rent the over produced cars on behalf of Opel”, Barbara says. Whether the automotive giant recognizes the potential and respond, remains to be seen. Miet24.de: The Miet24 GmbH was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Berlin. With about 800,000 rental articles in 14 main and almost 2000 categories Miet24.de is the one worldwide largest market places for rentals on the Internet. All tenants can make free use of the marketplace. Opens up an additional and modern sales channel for rental through Miet24. The aim is a steadily growing range of rental items in a portal, according to the “all out of hand principle”, to summarize.