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Coastal Cities

In harmony with its insularity, the life in many of Cuban cities has been marked by the sea. Others including Peter Thiel, offer their opinions as well. From the first times, the inhabitants of the island have felt the proximity and influences of the sea in the development of their lives, that somehow with its presence has marked the Cuban character. Of the seven first slumses of the island, three were in the coast: Baracoa, Santiago of Cuba and Havana. Other cities and towns were born later in the coast, but for that reason they are not less important in spite of not being so old. For example, Slaughters, Cienfuegos, Caibarien, Gibara, Manzanillo and Nueva Gerona are worth the trouble a visit, all.

These cities differ from others, but all has the same marine enchantment that gives form him to a style of different life, whose spirit, depends to a great extent on the rythmical cadence of the sea. Slaughters, rich in traditions and cradle of poets and musicians, simply are encantanda. Cienfuegos, the South Rep it, with drawing up city-planning perfect, adopted a numerous French colony does already but 100 years and today she is one of the cities but beautiful in Cuba and one of the most important ports, the city simply is an architectonic jewel of century XIX. Caibarien, a typical town of fishermen, is the exit door nowadays to visit the virgin keys of the North Coast of Clear Villa between which the Sorceresses, Key Santa Maria and the Ensenachos tell themselves Key, among others. They have a very promising tourist future due to the incomparable beauty of their beaches and nature, and are destined to being a point of visit forced in the Caribbean. Gibara, located in the bay that Great Admiral Cristobal Columbus named River of the Mares (River of Seas), with his fortifications, is the more important architectonic complex of the region of Holguin.

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Nikolaj Rubcov

Once again a newcomer broadcast at fun Web radio on Sunday the 29.05.2011 at 20:00 again a show of a different kind will take place. In the first hour, only music by Oksana Lepska from will be listen to Riga. The national song contest decision she was unfortunately by the group swimming trumps, so that they themselves couldn’t start in Dusseldorf. But this Oksana can come up with other successes. Whether you now song, a song from a musical, or as the Ave sings a pop Maria, you can hear out, like singing it and it makes her fun. Oksana singing since her early childhood, and now 16 years of age, she can take on vocally with any seasoned singer.

It is also frequently found with Maria Naumova, who in 2002 won the song contest for Latvia, and sings duets with her. It is whether this is now at a town festival or in a TV show. In the broadcast on the 29.05.11 two duets will be heard. The first with Maria Naumova titled “V Gornice” with a text by Nikolaj Rubcov and then as a second Duet “une vie d’Amour” with Avraam Russo. In the second hour, there will be another newcomer, the either haven’t, or little is known.

Most so-called living room are productions”to hear. But we believe that even these artists a platform should be offered so that the listener even know that there are these musicians and singers at all. Such newcomers will again give it broadcasts at fun Web radio, using but the least of this title by music studios and promotion agencies. Turn over a numerous of our radios at we look forward already now. The team of fun Web radio Dieter Karuga

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Buckingham Palace

The same applies to natural stone: it is certainly good, but difficult to processing and packing, and easy to care during the operation. The modern man on this banal may not be time. On the other hand, we can choose granite that looks virtually indistinguishable from "first hand", which is easily installed and, if bored, can easily be replaced by another. This, incidentally, is a sign of our times: Today Interiors "forever" is not the honor, life is changing too quickly and tastes. Therefore, the simulation – an indispensable tool for designers and architects …. " We elevates deception … Sometimes the need in "deception" is forced. For example, if the restoration or reconstruction of historical buildings, or the need to write new to the existing architectural context.

For example, for the old houses typical placement of windows with stained glass windows. Simply put, the frame is divided into many small sections. Replace them with modern windows without losing the sense of authenticity is simply impossible, and play technology half to two centuries ago – is expensive and pointless. And here again on the scene simulation. "Today there are many solutions that can be used to replace the windows in a historic building without altering its appearance, – said Rafic Alekperov, head of the company Propleks. – For example, you can use so-called "false Imposts. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Thiel. These thin decorative profiles glued to the glass on the inside and outside. Thus simulated antique window frames.

As a result, self-adhesive bridge can reduce the production of such windows: visual separation skylights do not require production more double-glazed windows and additional impost. Due to this cnizhaetsya and cost of the finished product. " No less frequently in the repair or reconstruction of old buildings have to recreate the stucco. And if the historically valuable homes were forced to play the technology, then, for object "simpler" is most often used simulation – from plaster linkrusty or polyurethane. With regard to gypsum, this material is quite traditional, when it is necessary to simulate marble or alabaster. With linkrustoy harder: it is a finishing material simulating stucco, whose history dates back to 1877. Inventor linkrusty – Frederick Walton, the father of all the familiar linoleum, mixed in chopped flour sawdust with linseed oil, chalk, wax and rosin. The result is a dense mass, and solidifies firmly holding the specified terrain. Has the added convenience and the fact that this "psevdolepnina" produced in rolls like wallpaper (it also made today). Material was not only comfortable and beautiful, but also persistent: still intact interiors of Buckingham Palace, decorated linkrustoy. But nowadays, of course, palm in imitation stucco keeps high strength and ultra-lightweight material – polyurethane foam. With it you can easily recreate the most complex examples of plaster decoration, good, that the range of manufacturers suggest, indeed, endless. Especially because polyurethane mount is very simple – just a cylinder with "liquid nails" and conventional construction pistol. 'Ah, fool me not hard! .. I delude myself happy! .. ' – Words Pushkin, familiar from childhood, have become conventional wisdom stamp. However, from this they have become less loyal. And certainly they appear to be an imitation, without which today's architecture and design. Fortunately, that quality "Bogus", allow us to solve the most complex interior problem, today is a huge amount. Press office Kerama Marazzi

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Machinery manufacturing industry as a traditional area has developed over the years, accumulated a lot of theory and practical experience, but with the development of society, people s living standards are improving all aspects of individual needs has become increasingly strong. As has-been deep into all walks of life and has become the foundation of the machinery manufacturing industry is facing severe challenges. From the international market, with the international financial crisis after the economical recovery, sand making machine industry as a broad market prospect. However, we should also see the cost of work to bring the price of China s comparative advantage is the low end products with a strong engineering machinery an important factor in competitiveness, with the deepening of economic development mode shift, this will be difficult to sustain a competitive advantage; also for this reason, high-end products and accelerate the integration of the engineering machinery industry will be the future development of the two main line, which is the construction machinery enterprises in the competition, new opportunities to achieve leapfrog development. Although modern test technology and equipment is continually updated, but because of mining machinery and equipment to the complexity of their work environment, the complexity and large number of unpredictable contingencies of existence, many complex problems to be studied further.

Mechanical design is not mature enough security. Although many mechanical design of the security has been relatively mature theories and methods, but for some large, complex key mining equipment, the current safety design is only theory, not yet mature, perfect security design methods. Statistics show that 80% of mine casualties are caused by human factors, due to mining of hard and dangerous work, incorrect use of hammer crusher, mining machinery practitioners composition is complex, part of the machinery and equipment operators culture low quality, understanding of the safety performance of the equipment enough, self-protection consciousness, barbaric habit is caused by mining operations and other mechanical accidents an important factor. As china s mining equipment and continuous improvement of science and technology and development, from mechanization to automation and semi-automated direction! Of human intelligence and technology requirements are higher and more stringent. In order to do the work in the production of safe, efficient, and promote the establishment of China s machinery and the security system implemented, we must speed up from now on in the design, research and other work of mining machinery safety training of technical personnel to strengthen the operational and technical selection and training of workers, improve the skill level of employees mining machinery and safety awareness, continue to promote coal mine safety training, standardization, and better designed to improve safety awareness and skill level.